It all began way back in 1977. Three hard-working people toiling away in Augusta, GA, sewing together canvas duffel bags and laundry sacks. Today, Augusta Sportswear features a vast array of over 800 styles of sportswear covering everything from sports uniforms to team gear to corporate apparel. We deliver it all – on-trend styles that define our industry and amazing choices in styles, sizes and colors – even hard-to-find colors and sizes – to fit any team at any budget. But, some things never change –like our belief that our success is driven by our service. So, even though we’ve grown from 3 employees to well over 100, you can expect the same prompt personal service. It’s what keeps our customers coming back, order after order.


Team is a powerful concept.The idea that a selfless, committed group can rise to greatness when individuals are willing to sacrifice personal goals for the greater good makes a lot of sense – both on the field and off. Since 1946, all of us here at Holloway have been living this team-first philosophy in all we do. It’s what has helped us build a reputation for top-tier customer service, amazing inventory availability and unmatched product quality. It’s a commitment and passion that’s ingrained in our DNA. It’s what binds us all together and drives us to deliver for our customers day after day. It’s what makes us a team –yourteam – when it comes to performance apparel.


At High Five, we know a reputation for performance isn’t built on a singular performance. It’s built over years of being committed to our customers, year in and year out. It’s forged through a focus on speed, accuracy and reliability. Performance is something our customers see and feel every step of the way, from the way our uniforms are designed to the way our ordering process delivers uncompromising value and blazing delivery speed. Performance is both a target and a habit – something we strive for and something we live every day. We are never satisfied with just setting the bar –we’re out to raise it. Then raise it again. It’s a philosophy we sum up with two simple words: reach higher.

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